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Why Do I need a Website for my Business

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Do You  Need a Website for Your Business?

We get that question a lot. Why do I need a website for my business? We have customers that come in. We send out mailers, advertise in papers, we do cold calls. So why do you need a website if you have all of that going? Well, the simple answer to why you need a website can be answered with….do all of your clients live under a rock? Does your company not want to maximize on the advertising dollar that they spend? Society now lives in the digital age. You know it and we know it. Now it’s time to move into it.

In this article, we plan to answer all the questions on Why do I need a Website for my business.

Here is what we plan to cover.

Why Do I need a website

What are the real benefits of me having a website for my business

How much should I spend on a website for my business


Why Do I need a website for my business? 

Well as already mentioned this is the “digital age” I read an article a few months back that pretty well proves how deep we are in the digital age. Here is an excerpt from it.

The United States, the fourth largest country in the world by land area, is no exception. With over 312 million internet users as of 2018, it is one of the largest online markets worldwide. In 2019, it was found that just ten percent of U.S. adults said that they do not use the internetInternet usage in the United States is frequent, with 43 percent of surveyed adults saying that they used the internet several times a day as of February 2018, compared to just eight percent who said they accessed the internet about once a day.

As you can see everyone has gotten the digital bug. Only 10% of U.S. adults say they do not use the internet. So if you don’t have a website you can definitely get your product information to that 10%. That’s not the goal though right. You want your product to be seen by everyone that you can. Who doesn’t? It’s not a thing just for kids as you read 43 percent of adults use the internet several times a day.

The digital marketing aspect has gotten so big that big businesses are going all in. According to an article on CNBC big corporations are even moving away from television ads. Here is what they are saying about moving their ads into the digital age.

Companies are forecast to spend more on advertising their products via smartphone than they do on TV by the end of 2019 — if current growth rates are maintained — in 12 countries including the U.S., U.K. and China, according to WARC data. In 2018, businesses spent $137.9 billion on advertising via smartphone, which is equivalent to $35.36 per user.

Advertising via social media on smartphones is the most popular way to reach consumers in the EMEA and APAC regions that WARC surveyed in March 2018, with video ads coming second, followed by mobile search.

Ellen DeGeneres made it very clear the importance of why a business needs a website. In this video, she simply asks a 17-year-old girl to use some of the simplest tools out there, a paper map, the yellow pages, and a rotary phone. Now, this is not to pick on anyone. It does clearly show though that we have moved deep into the digital age. Watch this video and see how she fumbles through the yellow pages trying to find something.

The basics of why you need a website

It’s where your competitors are.

You know how you always heard your mom say, “Well if Lil Fred jumped off the roof would you do it” The obvious answer to that question at that time was NO. Well, in this case, it is different. It’s time to jump of that old roof and join Lil Fred. Most of your competitors are on the web.

Google is where 72% of shoppers begin their buying journey. The first stage of their research begins Googling how to solve a problem. If you don’t have a website for your business then you are missing 72% of shoppers. Let’s do a for example here to show how the normal consumer would deal with frizzy hair.

First, they are in the bathroom fixing their hair and they notice they have a problem: I have frizzy hair.

Secondly, that person then thinks to themselves: Question: how to control frizzy hair ( this is what someone would possibly Google well 720 people do every month)

This is where you need to be sitting at number one in the search engines for and you would easily be advertising to 720 people every month that are trying to fix their frizzy hair problem. You want a piece of content optimized so that the search engines will recognize it as the solution for frizzy hair problems.

When you do a Google search on that you will see multiple different SOLUTIONS. If you were in this niche then you would want to be there to meet them and let them know everything you know about controlling frizzy hair. Statistically, 70% of the buying journey is normally completed before they even contact you. So you need to be where the clients are. Because your competitors are there.

Your customer expects it.

In this digital age, most people will not take a business seriously at all if they do not have a website. According to this report, 56 percent of customers say they won’t trust a business if they do not have a website.

I know it may sound ridiculous but if your business does not have a website…well then you don’t exist to many shoppers. They think that you are some fly by night nothing company. Your customer expects to be able to go to your business website to gain the information they need to be able to make the educated purchase that they want to make. This is what the buyer expects that’s the bottom line.

So why do I need a website for my business? Because your customer says so!

It provides Social Proof

I read a report from Marketland that states 90% of all purchases are influenced by online reviews. Without a business website, it is hard to gain the reviews you would like here is an excerpt from that article.

According to a new survey conducted by Dimensional Research, an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews

So having a business website allows better reputation management than if you don’t have one.

Again Why do I need a website for my business? Because without one you have no way to control your online reputation.

More Marketing for Less Money

With a highly optimized website for your business, it opens your doors 24 hours a day every day of the week. No vacations, no holiday pay, no sick time off. That’s right you get a sales machine that doesn’t cost you but a fraction of the money it would cost to hire a 24 hour a day salesperson.

You can optimize your sales pages to say exactly what you would want to be said by that salesperson. An additional plus side to it is that you don’t have to worry if they change the pitch and lose the lead because they think they know more on how to sell your product than you do.  With a website for your business, you can also test to see which wording sales better than another. Split testing continually till you find what converts.

Capture contact information.

One of the greatest parts of a website is capturing lead information. When people read your material if it is good they will want more. So your marketer will strategically add ways to capture that leads information. This will then normally go into an email marketing channel so that you can keep constant contact with that lead.

Once someone gives you that email you now have a number of new marketing strategies that you can utilize. You could simply send them a link to your latest content, send out monthly newsletters. The best one though is you can send them more information about products that you want them to purchase and build a relationship with them.

What are the real benefits of me having a website for my business

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing.

Another Why do I need a website for my business answer is the fact that the traditional form of marketing is going to die. As we noticed already big corporations are going all-in on the mobile marketing aspect. If you don’t adopt this new age of marketing…well you are going to be like a dinosaur, maybe remembered but left extinct.

Elysium Marketing Guru’s doesn’t want that for you. We are sure you don’t want that for yourself. So let’s look at the power a good website will give your business.

No More Cold Calls

Imagine never making a cold call again, or say you still want to hold on to that cold-call marketing. Guess what. If you work on what we are about to discuss you will see those cold calls have a lot higher return.

I read an article a while back from SalesForce that stated that a study was done by Leap Job and LinkedIn both show that only 2% in cold calls result in an appointment. Here is an excerpt from that article that I would like to talk a bit more about

Research by Leap Job found that only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment, while the Ovation Sales Group found that the average salesperson prospects for six-and-a-quarter hours to set one appointment.

Research by LinkedIn found that less than 2 percent of cold calls resulted in a meeting, while a study Research by Baylor University found that only for every 209 calls made, only one appointment or referral was set.

Hopefully, we all like to look at the math of things when we look at investing our money into something. So let’s look at the numbers on cold calls.

The Math Behind it.

According to Glassdoor, the average cold caller is going to make approximately $12.00 per hour.

Also, ProSales Connection states that “a diligent inside salesperson making their first pass through a new list will be able to easily achieve 8-10 calls per hour”

Now let us do a little math. We are going to assume that the average person is going to work 8 hours a day. Out of an 8 hour according to inc.com the average employee actually only works 3 hours per 8-hour shift. We are going to say that you hired super above-average employees though and they are actually productive for 6 hours per day.

Cold Calling vs Inbound Marketing
8 hours per day @ $12 per hour= $96 per day
6 hours of calls @ 9 calls per hour=54 calls per day
2% of calls set appointments= 1 appointment per day
Cost per lead=$96.00
Now don’t forget this wage does not include vacation pay, cost of supplies. 
A $12 per hour employee is going to actually cost you near $15 per hour. 
Check out this cool calculator to calculate your true employee cost. 

Cost Per Lead with cold calling.

So as we can see the cost per lead is well over $100 per lead. We are not going to go into the details of closing that lead from a cold call in this article. We will in the future. The truth is though as we all know a lead you gain from meeting a neighbor, or from a client referral has a higher closing percentage out of all leads. One last point on Outbound Marketing with cold calls before we move forward. HubSpot did a study that  “found that inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience a 61% lower cost per lead than organizations that predominately leverage outbound marketing.”

Today’s shopper is different.

One of the big reasons that Inbound Marketing is beating Outbound marketing is that today’s shoppers are different. They are more informed on products than they ever have been. As we have already noted people are spending more time on the internet than ever before. That gives them the power to actually do their own research and read reviews.

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Markeitng

As you can see here almost 70,000 reviews on a set of bedsheets.

So what makes inbound marketing so special and what does it have to do with why my business needs a website?

Well as stated already we all know that normally the easiest sales are those made to friends and family. That is why so many companies when they hire a new sell person the first thing they tell that salesman to do is to reach out to their friends and family.

So what inbound marketing does is turns everyone into friends or family. You utilize the website not to just advertise your product, but to also build a relationship. That relationship that you are able to build through your website for your business will increase your closing of sales every time.

My Uncle Billy’s son built mine!

We constantly see where a company has had their son or their niece build them a website and nothing happens. The company pays monthly for the hosting, and the site sits there. Then when we contact them to try to help them out they are already screaming. I already have a site and it has done nothing for me. I don’t want to put any more money into this online junk.

That being said you can have a beautiful website and it has great detail of all your products. The one thing that is missing though is that relationship building key. This is the key to inbound marketing and what makes the website worthwhile. So you have to put some content into it so that you can build that relationship. Society is spending so much time on our devices that real personal relationships are being made on the web, not in person. So you have to build that relationship through your website with your potential client.

How do you build relationships on the web!

Well believe it or not it is easier than you think. You don’t have to always give stuff away. Nor do you have to always have a coupon. We have seen websites that sell nothing and have tons of traffic just do to the relationship that the writer built with the reader. One thing does have to happen though…you have to write content. Or you could use our content writing services.

You will want to write about things that are happening in your community. As well as products within your niche. Then lastly you will talk about your product. Most of the time your product pages will never rank in the search engines. What ranks is highly SEO optimized content.

So how do I write SEO Optimized Content?

I can give you a very basic strategy here on how to get this started. Now don’t get me wrong this is not the complete SEO Solution. When you go into writing content there are some structure things that will help you rank higher. Those are more of an expert On-Page Optimization Solution which we will go into detail in other articles. For now, though we are going to keep things simple.

Simply make a list of 20 questions that you have answered for your clients.
20 problems you have solved.

Now yes when you really get going into it you will need to do some keyword research. Which we will discuss in future content. For now, though let us just get things going.

Sit down and write an amazing piece of content that answers/solve those 20 problems for your reader. This alone will start you off on the right track. Like I said there is more to it than that, you will need to get some “link juice” backlinks to those articles for them to rank, and they will need to be written in a manner that they will rank. This will though get you going in the right direction.

How much should you spend on a website for your business?

Well, this is the million-dollar question. Depending on what your goals are with the website for your business can highly influence the cost of building the website itself. If you are wanting an eCommerce site built they can cost all the way up to $30,000 or more.

Pages for your website$100 to $2,000+
Website Design$250 to $20,000+
Website Copy$50 to $500 per page
Responsive design$2,500 to $20,000
Database integration$5,000 to $25,000 per integration
Content management system (CMS)$0 to $15,000+ per year
Ecommerce functionality$500 to $5,000
Consistent website maintenance$500 to $1,250 per year
Domain name$5 to $300 per year
Hosting$75 to $200 per year
Flash and multimedia elements$250 to $10,000
SSL$10-$1,000 per month

As you can see there are a lot of expenses involved in an eCommerce site.

Most businesses do not need an eCommerce website. Most businesses strictly need a good solid website with great content. So let’s break down this list and see why we actually need them. The following are some expenses that are not avoidable.


Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system is what most sites utilize to display articles, text, videos, and pictures. There are some sites out there that do not utilize a CMS, but they are not as user-friendly nor do they create a very efficient site. Most of those sites utilize straight HTML and CSS to create what the end-user sees. To add anything you will always have to have a site programmer on staff with the old HTML style sites.

A CMS makes it easier for you to manage once the site is built. Here at Elysium Marketing Guru we normally only work with WordPress. It is free to use and it has one of the largest open-source groups of programmers working on improving every day. According to this post, WordPress is a well-oiled machine.

If that’s not enough check out this highlight from the same article I just spoke of.

WordPress is the Top Content Management System

Companies such as W3Techs and Builtwith provide useful reports on internet usage using big data. These numbers may not be pinpoint accurate, but they do provide a valuable glimpse into today’s web trends.

According to W3Techs, WordPress has 61.8% of the CMS market share — more than all other systems (eg, Drupal, Joomla) combined.

35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress

Considering that the number of total active websites is estimated at over 1.3 billion according to a survey published by Netcraft, that means that around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now, which means that around 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, which is still huge.

This is why we at Elysium Marketing Guru work with WordPress as the CMS of choice.

Theme Design

If you are starting from scratch, or your site is just needing a fresh look then you are going to spend some money getting design work done. You will also want everything tested once the design is complete. From the research, we have done just going through other company’s websites seeing their cost you are looking from $1,000 to well over $10,000 to get your site looking the way you want.
This expense will come around every 3 or so years. Every few years marketers will find things that the search engines will like better and the customer will like better for your site. When those marketing trends change, your business website will need to change with it.

Domain Name

If you do not have a domain name already then you will need to purchase one. This is how people will find you on the web. It is similar to how you have a mailing address or physical address for your business. Well, a domain name is your address for the web. This is an annual expense unless you pay for several years upfront.

SSL Certificate

You know when you go to a website you will see a little padlock in the address bar. This shows that the site has an SSL Certificate. Google is now not going to be indexing websites that do not have an SSL Certificate for a website. What it does is make sure that all the data on the site is safe for the customer. It protects any sensitive data and personal information from being snatched up by hackers.


Just because you have a domain doesn’t mean it can be seen. You have to have a host for that domain to bee seen on the web. As I read in an article

Purchasing a domain name is likened to acquiring land: you’ll have an address, but you’ll need something there to contain all your stuff. In this example, web hosting is your land, and web content is your “stuff”

There are all types of hosting services out there. A lot of them will get you to purchase a package because it is cheap, but then once you get your site on to it you find it is to slow. Unless you know a lot about web development buying your own hosting can be web suicide.

There are a lot of clients that come to us saying “We have our own hosting” Then we get the site built and up and running and the hosting constantly is crashing because the site the client wants is just too much for their $10 a month hosting they purchased. So let an expert at least help you pick out the hosting plan that will fit your needs.

Hosting can be purchased on a monthly plan or a yearly plan. If monthly is all you can fit into the budget that is fine, but if you can spring for the yearly plan….well it just makes life a lot easier to not have to worry about that monthly plan. It gives you a little peace of mind.

How much should you spend?

As you can see the expenses can really rack up when it comes to putting together a marketing plan for your business website. I am going to sum it up by saying a young company should be spending about 20% of their gross income on web marketing, and an established company should be spending around 12% on their web marketing. So how much of that needs to go on the website for my business you ask. Elysium Marketing Gurus offers a package starting at $150 monthly. You can check out our website packages. We have seen packages that get a whole lot more expensive to start out but here at Elysium Marketing Guru we like to make it easy to get started.

The reason that our website packages are at this entry price point is that you need all the other elements to make that site so that it makes you money. So we prefer to keep our pricing on the website packages affordable so that way you can spend the money on what makes that site grow so that you can find your true Elysium in your marketing efforts. Again check out our website packages and compare them to others in the industry. I think you will find we give you a whole lot more for your dollar.


We hope that we have answered the question do you need a website for your business for you in this article. I think you have found that if you truly want your business to prosper at it’s fullest potential then having a website for your business will help tremendously. The automation of gathering leads versus cold calling in itself would pay for all of your online marketing expenses.

Again we hope this article has been informative and if there is anything Elysium Marketing Guru can do to help you find your true marketing Elysium please let us know.

Finally, I want to leave you this amazing infographic presented by minewhat.com it gives you a rundown on 27 ways to motivate shoppers. Hope you enjoy.

MOTIVATE shoppers who research online TO BUY

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