Are you  tired of trying to Figure out Online Marketing and GETTING NO RESULTS?

Are you spending money on courses or services and getting nowhere?

  • Spending $1000's with marketing companies not knowing what they are doing and still seeing no results?
  • Doing Hours of Research to try to figure it all out on your own and still don't know where to start?
  • Don't have the money to be able to pay that big marketing company because you are just getting started?

Hi, welcome to Elysium Marketing Guru's where we are going to help you find your #truemarketingelysium and your #businesselysium

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Why should you choose us!?

Here at Elysium Marketing Gurus we do not just sell you a product and tell you to wait for results. Elysium Marketing Gurus wants you to understand why we are doing what we are doing. Full transparency is how we manage our clients. 

Elysium Marketing Gurus is staffed by people who used to be clients. We have seen the things that we hate about other providers and want to make your experience more along the lines of what we expected. 

Elysium Marketing Gurus understands how people hate spending money or time not knowing why. 

Elysium Marketing Gurus has spent tons of time figuring out and researching how to get what we expected as a client, and to be able to provide it for our clients. Not only just by being able to provide you results, but educating you on how we got there. 

Your not our competition.

We feel so many other providers out there are afraid to educate their clients because they think their clients will just do it themselves. Elysium Marketing Gurus doesn't see it that way. We understand your business is not marketing you are either a lawyer, an accountant, a mechanic, an electrician, etc. These are the professions you love. That  is why you have dedicated your life in that profession. Once we get your online presence to where it needs to be....well you won't have time for this you will be to busy doing what YOU Love.

Why Use Elysium Marketing Gurus

We understand, why should you use Elysium Marketing Gurus, I mean who are these guys right. Well as we have stated we understand you. We have been in your position, and have already made all the mistakes and know the road to success. Check out some of our Case Studies. 

Here are some results from a pet niche our team worked with. 


This site was getting almost no traffic, even though it was registered in late 2013. The owner had spent a good amount of time on this site and built out a significant amount of pages, however it wasn’t getting hardly ANY traffic.


The first thing we always do is audit the site to see if it has any major underlying issues. This site had no penalties, it just never ranked page 1 for the target keywords. It also had no over optimization, they just didn’t have many links.

Ahrefs shows organic keywords but it doesn’t tell the whole story – You can see below that the site had keywords in the top 100, but that’s not as important in being in the top 10. That’s where our “easy wins analysis” REALLY COMES IN HANDY.

With our easy wins analysis, we look for keywords that are ranking somewhere in Google, but not in the top spots where the majority of the traffic is. If we can identify these, we can push them up and see quicker traffic gains.

For this site, we identified 1001 easy wins keywords, ranking mostly on page 2-3 with traffic between 10 – 9,400ms, with CPC between about .50 cents – $6.

This site had HUGE potential, but since the site wasn’t cracking page 1, it wasn’t getting much love.

Content Gap Analysis

With the content gap analysis, we look for competitor keywords that the site isn’t targeting yet, and this becomes the basis for our content creation.

For this site, we found 103 keywords volume between 150 – 2900 ms, with similar PPC costs to the easy wins. We worked with the client to pick out high priorities and selected some keywords based on their industry trends knowledge (This is why we work WITH the customers to understand business goals).

Here’s what our campaigns looked like:

Month 1:

  • 1 Guest Post – Exact match on easy wins

  • 1 Guest Post – Exact match (another kw) on another easy win

  • Link Building (Web 2.0s) – partial match, brand, naked anchors

  • Blog Post -  1 x 1000 word post – informational kw focus based on industry trends

Month 2 – Very Similar

  • 1 Guest Post – money keyword variation

  • 1 Guest Post – money keyword variation

  • Link Building – partial match, branded, naked anchors

  • Blog Post - 1 x 1000 word post – money keyword

Month 3 – Similar, But got more anchor text diversity

  • 1 Guest Post – Branded

  • 1 Guest Post – Branded

  • Link Building – Branded, URL, Partial match mix

  • Blog Post - 1 x 1000 – Content gap kw, high volume


Since this site had a decent amount of content already, and had so many opportunities for easy wins, we really focused on getting those easy wins up to page 1.

When we were able to do this – The traffic exploded:

This was only 3 months of work and this site has a ton more potential. In the next 3 months, we’ll begin linking some high volume keywords that we used for content. This site is set up for domination in the niche!

Here are a couple more. Can you tell when the started working with our team?

Health Advice Website:

Injury Lawyer:

Check out some more results we have been able to get our clients. 

Foreign Language Local SEO In A Major City


So this one is a bit crazy because it’s both non-US and even Non-English – It’s a French Canadian Site. For most of our SEO products, we work natively in English but the client was OK with that

even though it’s a French site. This was a good test to see if our strategy would hold up in a non-English use case.


We always start with an audit. This site had no penalties, it just wasn’t getting much traffic. They were slightly over optimized for their money keywords, having 1 exact match at 28% and another at 25%. This wasn’t a big deal, as they just didn’t have many links, but still a consideration.

Easy Wins – Find “Hidden Goldmines”

This had less easy wins than some other sites, but that’s OK because it’s local. Traffic is lower than other niches, but it will convert higher since there is higher intent.

We found 43 terms with traffic between 20 – 1000 searches a month, with CPC between .20c – $5 a click. We started by focusing on some high priorities around the $4-$5 a click range.

Competitive Gap

We found 31 terms between 20 – 1,600 ms with CPC between .10 – $3. Some of these were local areas they hadn’t targeted yet, some of these were popular brand names of appliances that they work with, and some of these were great keywords for services they offer that they don’t have pages for yet, or weren’t optimizing. We showed them all of these.

This one was a bit different than our other case studies in that they had actually started doing SEO on their own with us around January 2016 before they hopped on our managed SEO plan mid 2017.

Their first order was placed in March 2016, and right after that they got a nice bump. For some reason, they stopped and didn’t place an order until Aug 2016.

They started ramping up orders around January 2017 with a mix of Link Building and Press Releases:

Mid 2017, they hopped on our managed SEO plan and we went at it more strategically:

Remember we have limited options, this is international AND foreign language, so here’s what the strategy looked like:

Month 1-3 all the same

  • Mix of Natural, Branded, and exact match since we have control

As for the results?

What’s even cooler is that they have spent in total, all time since 2016 with us $5,300.99. However, Ahrefs is reporting a PPC cost of $8k PER MONTH.

$8,000 per month = $96k per year they would have to spend on PPC!!


The takeaway from this is that consistency is key. As you can see from the charts above, their SEO dropped off when they stopped taking action, and ramped back up when they got more consistent.

By using our SEO strategy, you can uncover big wins for consistent results. No matter what type of business you are, we probably have a solution for you. In addition, it’s important to not focus on tons of traffic – focus on the RIGHT TARGETED traffic.

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