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Manage Your Social Media From One Place by Using Elysium Pro+Social

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Are you running a business? Have you put time and effort into your company’s social media accounts?

Social media is one of the biggest ways to advertise right now. Facebook alone has over 2.5 billion active users, and those users could become part of your client base. You just have to reach them. 

But maybe you’re not a digital native, or social media just isn’t your thing. Not everyone loves being plugged in all of the time, and it can feel like a full-time job just trying to keep everything updated every day.

That’s where a social media tool comes in. Elysium Social Pro, or Local Pro + Social, can help you maintain the online presence you need to keep your business blossoming in 2020.

Here’s how it helps.

Social Pro: The Pocket Social Media Assistant 

If you’re not super social media savvy, it’s going to be exhausting to queue up posts for every network that you need to reach all of your potential customers and clients. 

New social media networks pop up all the time, and if you have a business to run, you might not have time to manage every single aspect of your posting schedule.

You could hire a social media manager who knows the ropes, but for a small business, this can be a huge expense. Their work is valuable, but not everyone has the capability or need for a dedicated staff member, especially if you’re just getting started or working primarily locally.

Social Pro is like a social media assistant. It helps you post everything to all of your networks at the same time, saving you valuable time and effort.

You can also schedule posts ahead of time, meaning that you can work around your schedule. Write and queue up your posts when you have time and then relax when you’re too busy to post. The posts will happen anyway.

Keeping a current and constant feed keeps your followers informed and engaged. 

It can also help you generate new leads and trends on networks like Twitter that utilize these trends for engagement. You can use these leads to further your own social media presence without the research that goes into doing it by hand.

Best of all, it’s mobile-friendly. All of these social media networks have mobile apps, so why shouldn’t you control your dashboard from your phone? Imagine controlling all of your marketing and networking apps from one social media dashboard in your pocket. Doesn’t that sound great?

Listing Tools

If you’re just getting started with building an online presence, the listing builder tools will help you. 

They to several listing sites and networks (Facebook, My Business, Instagram, and Twitter, currently) allowing less work on your end during the setup process. They also show you Google business insights. 

Updating your information across websites will be a breeze, as they’ll all be synced together.

You’ll also be protected from third-party changes, avoiding an annoyance that you’d otherwise have to deal with independently. 

Hear Customer Voices

Are you ever wondering about the needs of your clients and customers? You can be more in-tune with their wants and needs with this package. 

Good reviews help bring in new customers, so how can you leverage that for your benefit (and for the benefit of your current and future customers who expect this same level of service)?

This tool invites your customers to share their feedback online. Many customers with good experiences will simply move on with their day. People are more likely to report bad things. Only 1.5% of people are likely to leave reviews at all. 

You can help adjust this number for your business.

You’re able to request reviews specifically where you find that your customer base tends to gather. This allows word of mouth to spread faster amongst the people who matter: your community.

Protect Your Reputation

When the whole world is online, it’s important to keep tabs on what’s being said about your business at all times. One misstep could have your reputation crashing around you, which can be disastrous for business. 

The Reputation Management tool helps you do exactly that. From one place, you can see all of the mentions of your business online. You can also see how you stack up against competitors to see where you need to make improvements in content, quality, or marketing.

You can also see where people are looking for information about you and help fill in the gaps. This helps your ranking on search engines.

You’ll get alerted every time a new mention of you is found, and you’ll ensure that you’re involved in every conversation about your business online. If people are unsatisfied with your service and talking about it, you’ll be the first to know.

In a world where a few bad reviews can crush a business, it’s crucial to be able to see what people are saying. You’re not a mind reader, but this is the next best thing. 

Could You Use Help Managing Your Online Presence? 

Elysium Social Pro and Elysium Pro+Social are great tools for managing your online needs, especially if you’re a small business owner. 

If you’re a busy entrepreneur trying to run your own company, having all of these tools available to you in one space is going to be a lifesaver. These are tools that you need in the 2020 marketing landscape, and they can be confusing and overwhelming if you’re not already tapped in. 

Getting a service to do the heavy lifting for you is a great investment in your business.

For more information on the products that Elysium has to offer, check out our site. There are plenty of services and tools available to help bring your business to the next level. You just have to get started.

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