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HVAC SEO AC Repair Orlando SEO Audit

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When it comes to HVAC SEO it is not much different than any other SEO. In this post we are going to do and HVAC SEO audit for a local AC Repair Orlando Based company. So we are going to go through a full audit of the site as well as see what we need to do to get this company getting some leads.

Here is the breakdown of what all we are going to cover:

  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Social
  • Website
  • Advertising
  • SEO

AC Repair Orlando SEO Audit

In this audit we will be using an AC Repair Business AIT Mechanical LLC. They are based out of Orlando FL and they have a fairly brand new website. So when it comes to HVAC SEO for AIT they are at the ground level. So there is no where to go but up from here. Lets first take a look at the report card. hvac seo orlando seo

As we can see right off the bat the overall score for this site is not great. This company is doing well in the review field but as we go we are going to find out that it is there are multiple divisions using the same GMB so the reviews are a little off in comparison to what they actually are. So let get into it a little deeper here and lets look at that C in listings and see what we can do to get that fixed.


First we need to truly understand the importance of listings when it comes to Orlando SEO or any SEO as far as that matters. Listings are what give us what I refer to as street cred. When you have multiple sites out there that are pointing back to your site then that makes Google and other search engines feel that you have some creditability. For the local company these citations can do amazing things for your site. There are times that listings alone being correct will help push a page to the front of the search engines. Check out this quick video on the importance of listings to your site.



Now lets dive a little deeper and lets look at this HVAC SEO listing audit.


Looking at through the above listings audit you can see that there are multiple citations that are either incorrect or not even existing. So when it comes to hvac seo marketing you have to get all of this corrected. There are multiple ways of doing this. We obviously prefer to use our local citations tool stack to manage this for us. By using our tool stack it automates everything. You are able to go to your hvac seo marketing platform and just plug in your NAP info and it will handle the rest.
You can also do this manually. The manual approach takes a whole lot of time. Hundreds and Hundreds of hours can be tied up just going through these one at a time and putting them in. We offer this approach as a service as well. The only problem with this approach is that if you ever need to make a change…well you guessed it! You will have to contact your hvac seo webmasters and have them go through and make the changes. Again that is why we prefer our Local SEO Citation tool stack.

hvac seo orlando seo listings audit

As you can see from the “C” rating this is showing basically the problems that we see it that listing report. Once we get all of those listings straightened out and get the citations flowing correctly that grade will jump to at least a high “B” if not an “A”.
HVAC SEO Data Aggregator AIT
Another point that I want to show is that we are not listed or correct with the 3 big data aggregators. With SEO for HVAC Contractors and all local businesses being listed with these aggregators will help tremendously when it comes to being seen in the SERPS.

What are Data Aggregators.

Data aggregators are multiple databases and in this case Neustar, Factual, and Data Axle, that compile your business listing and they are reputable enough that sources like Google, Yahoo, and other search engines will look at these aggregators for information. They not only share them with search engines but they will also share them with other sources, like Yelp, the YellowPages and Brownbook…etc.

So as you can see getting your data correct with these aggregators is very important to your online success. Without them….well you are keeping yourself from making it to the top of the SERPS.



Online review are basic to the achievement of a local seo business strategy. Actually, almost 90% of customers state they’ll possibly consider utilizing a business on the off chance that they have a normal rating of 3-5 stars. Your customers realize that it’s imperative to catch their client’s criticism, yet they need your assistance.

HVAC SEO Reviews


We look at this “B” rating on the reviews and it is actually encouraging to see this grade. Now that being said we definitely still need to stay on top of this. The Industry leaders have around 155 reviews were this company has only 3 at this time. Why the high grade then you ask. Well all of the reviews are 5 star and they are all very recent so our audit tool likes to give credit were credit is due. If we had anything close to the industry leading 155 then we would see the “A” there.

It is important to keep the reviews flowing at all times. You also need to make sure that you are getting reviews at other places other than just Google. Again this is similar to the listings we have spoke of. When you have reviews in multiple locations such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, and more. Then you will really start seeing the push of your site moving up in the search engines.

So you will want to make sure you are monitoring all the platforms all the time. Otherwise you may not be there when a client is wanting to endorse your brand. Your response is crucial to the way your brand is seen on the particular platform the review is left.


This brings us to social. One of our big seo tips for hvac companies and contractor is utilizing social media platforms. This is a big portion of the Awareness and Findability phase of the customer journey. A LOT of your customers are on one if not more social platforms on a daily basis. So we want to make sure that we are there. Don’t get me wrong now you may not get people in the Conversion phase with out running some ads. We have to remember though that conversions are not the only thing when it comes to meeting your client where they are. There are times people won’t contact us for months after they read something we posted on our social profiles.


As we see here AIT Mechanical is not faring to well when it comes to social signals. I do not show it but they are not found on Twitter or Instagram. This is a big red flag. This makes the search engines see you as well not taking things serious. Like stated earlier we have to be everywhere on the web for our SEO efforts to have all things firing together. With over 3 billion users on Facebook alone we definitely need to have a presence there.  81% of American Adults have use Facebook and 56% of Americans over 65 are on Facebook. Which when you look at the demographic for HVAC SEO marketing you will find that well these are the people we want to see us. We are not worried so much about the 12.8 million teens that are on Instagram. Bottom line is these social signals are extremely important to you HVAC SEO strategy. Check out this quick video on the importance of Social to your business.

IT’s so much work:

We understand being on all of these platforms is very time consuming but there are plenty of tools out there like hootesuite, zoho social as well as our own tool Elysium Social. Using tools like these will help speed up the process of engagement and posting on social to the point that being on social media won’t be such a chore. Regardless of how much work it is though this is a crucial point of your overall HVAC SEO strategy.


This is a very critical part of your HVAC SEO strategy obviously. With out a good website well you have no SEO strategy at all. So that being said there needs to be a lot of attention made just on the building of the site. One of the big things we are seeing is companies having a site that has no ssl. Well the search engines have made it clear that indexing sites without an ssl is a thing of the past. They are requiring that your site has an ssl so that their crawlers are safe as well as their customers are safe when going to your site.

What is an SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which means that it provides encryption of data transmitted between two parties over the Internet. Transport Layer Security (TLS), and its older counterpart, Transport Layer Security (TLS-SSL), are both symmetric protocols designed for communication security over an Internet network. Many different versions of both the protocols also find widespread usage in various other applications, including e-mail, instant messaging, web browsing, voice over IP, and even video chat. The two technologies are related but not identical, as TLS offers security only to the transport layer of messages, while SSL offers security for both the transfer and the destination of messages.


TLS works on the assumption that SSL-encrypted connections can be decrypted by an authorized third party. When this happens, the third party can then view all information about the encrypted connection, including the SSL certificate that contains the key used to encrypt the private key. As the name implies, SSL certificates can be revoked, meaning that they can be canceled. In order to do this, an administrator at the site where the SSL certificate is issued must contact the certificate authority (CA) for that site. The CA then submits the certificate to the Certification Authority Program (CAP) for review. If the certificate is accepted, then it becomes part of a Certificate Revocation List (CRL). The list contains a list of certificates that have already been revoked or had other issues with them.


One of the biggest differences between SSL and TLS is that while SSL is a widely used protocol, it has some inherent weaknesses. Because SSL-secured connections are not protected by authentication, servers sometimes choose server-side forward secrecy rather than server-side authentication, which is usually implemented by using SSL server authentication. This results in weaker authentication mechanisms, which can make it harder for users to identify the servers they are visiting. For example, websites can change the domain name in order to disguise their servers. With stronger encryption, this can be prevented, but it’s impossible to do without breaking the integrity of the public key infrastructure (PKI) that supports SSL. Even if an attacker can break the PKI, it is still possible for a client to get the server certificate and use it to access the site’s private keys, leading to the weak authentication process.

So it is obviously important that we have an SSL in place.

Now other things are important but what we normally advise people is when we give you your SEO Audit take it to your developer and point out that the problems listed need to be resolved. Resolving these issues will help with site speed and a multitude of other things that the search engines don’t like.


HVAC SEO Website Grade

As you notice here we see that overall the site is getting a “D” grade. This is mainly due to the fact that the mobile and desktop have a lot of speed issues. These issues are the ones we were speaking about just sending it over to your developer and let them resolve these issues. They are the ones who built the site so they will know how to resolve the above issues.

Why is site Speed Important.

When people talk about website performance, the first thing that they usually think about its effects on the user’s experience and how it affects the bottom line. While the web host has a role to play in this area of operation, there are other factors that affect the speed of a website and its functionality. One of these is a simple question: why is the website speed important?

The reason for this is simple; it should not take longer than a second for a web page to load. Any website that does not load quickly enough is a potential waste of time. People will lose interest in the website if it takes too long to load. As a result, people will leave without engaging with what you have to offer. Even the smallest delay can cost people money.

The next reason for why is important is that your website should be easy for the end user to navigate. When people want to see more information on a page, they will often search for that information by using the most efficient method possible. If they cannot do this, the information will not get delivered. A poorly designed page may also cause people to quit their searches without ever having taken the time to read what they have to say. If the end user can’t find what he or she is looking for, then they will never return to your website.

Finally, another factor to consider is website speed in relation to the number of visitors a website receives. Websites that receive a great deal of traffic will load quickly while websites that receive very little traffic will take a long time to load. This can have real consequences for businesses, as well as for end users. For instance, if a business spends a lot of time loading pages every time a customer visits the site, he or she could lose customers to competitors who do not have such problems.

When considering how website performance affects your business, you should keep these three things in mind. First, your end user will experience a higher quality of service if his or her visit to your website is faster. Second, you can increase your sales by making your site easier for customers to use. And finally, your website will remain successful for longer by ensuring that customers always have access to your products or services.

All three of these reasons are very important for your website performance. If your website is slow, the user experience can be severely diminished. In addition to this, slow-loading pages will lose a visitor to another website. Therefore, it is vital to understand these three factors so that you can plan your website properly and to keep your business afloat.

As you also see what brings the grade from an “F” to a “D” are the good aspects of the website itself. The good aspects meaning the Homepage Content. You can see the size of the homepage is light. It is just a few kb smaller than the industry average. Which is good. This helps with the speed. You want that home page to be as fast as possible so having less demand on the network by having a light site is a very good thing.

You also see that the NAP is in place. (Name Address & Phone Number) The NAP needs to be consistent with what you have in your listings and citations. If not then this will confuse the search engines and won’t realize your site is the same as the ones in the directories.



I am not going to spend a whole lot of time on advertising with this particular audit. The reason being when we looked at the ROI on running Google ads with this client the money just did not work out. Remember when figuring out if you want to run ads you need to look at your cpc (cost per click) and then look at your average ticket value. This particular client ticket value did not outweigh the cost per click on Google ads. Now we could have looked at the aspect of running social ads, but at this time the client was not interested in any ppc campaigns. In other audits we will go into more detail on this.


This finally brings us to the SEO section of the audit. Right off the bat as we have seen this site has an “F” ranking for SEO. The reason behind this of course starts from the top and working your way down everything we have gone over in this post. There are some other issues such as the lack of the use of meta tags as well as zero content but the main pages. Understand every good SEO strategy is going to need content. Some are going to need more than others to compete. It just depends on what stage you want to compete on. That being said on a local seo stage there will not be near the same amount of content needed as there will be on the national level.

In the below video we go through this complete audit but we also go into detail our actual content and SEO strategy to rank this company for some amazing keyword. If you want to see more about that be sure to watch the video.

If you have any questions or comments about this post please feel free to leave them here or on the video. Be sure to subscribe to all of our channels so you can get the latest HVAC SEO strategies that we are using.

Also if you would like to get your website audited today by one of our Orlando SEO Consultants then please sign up for an audit today!

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