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The Top 10 Types of Online Content to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

According to Internet Live Stats, there are currently more than 4 billion internet users located around the globe.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to reach your digital audience. Yet did you know that online content is the top strategy marketers use to do so?

From blogs to videos to social media posts, there are endless uses for content in your quest for new leads. Today, we’re talking about 10 of them in this guide to some of the different types of online content.

So, want to know which kinds of content are the king of all kings? Then this guide is for you.

1. Blog Content

You already know about blog content– you’re reading an example of it right now! This is probably the most popular type of online content out there. Considering that good content can drive 2000% more traffic to your website, it’s no wonder.

Notice we said “good” content. Keep in mind that not all blog content is created equal. For example, research shows that a blog post with an emotional headline gets shared more than blog posts without one.

2. Social Media Posts

If you aren’t using social media to promote your business, you’re missing out on the opportunity to reach over 45% of the world’s population. This is particularly helpful for companies wishing to reach international audiences. The United Arab Emirates, for instance, has 99% of the country’s adult population on social media.

Do you have a low click-through rate when it comes to your ads? Research into Instagram users’ ad-click activity shows that 75% take action upon seeing an advertisement in a post or watching an ad video. That’s an impressive statistic, especially since most digital shoppers have learned to tune out your marketing efforts.

3. Long-Form Content

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to fix your tire? You type a search query into Google and, boom! A 5000-word guide about mending your flat pops up, and it’s even published by the company whose brand of tires you use.

That’s no coincidence– these smart businesses are using free long-form content to attract customers like you. Think about it: aren’t you more likely to purchase from a brand in the future when they’ve provided you with free education? Of course you are!

People love free stuff, and they also love the brands that give them free stuff. Giving away free long-form content can boost your sales up to 2000%. Make sure your long-form content offers real value that your prospective customers can’t find anywhere else.

4. Case Studies

For businesses, case studies are vital to upping your authority and credibility in the eyes of potential buyers. That’s because this form of content uses real-world examples of people who’ve loved and benefited from your products or services.

Case studies are usually laid out in a problem-solution-impact structure. The introductory section will describe a problem the customer faced and lead into the solution– your product or service. After explaining how your business helped the customer overcome their problem, you conclude with an analysis of how that solution impacted the company overall.

When writing a high-quality case study for your business website, make sure you choose your case study subject wisely. Don’t use someone who wasn’t satisfied with your work. The best subject is someone who can provide real evidence and analytics of the impact your services had on their business.

5. White Papers

Perfect for B2B companies and growing businesses, white papers are the best way to say, “We know what we’re doing.” White papers use a professional tone, focusing on high-quality information rather than creative delivery. This type of content is usually data-driven, like a good case study. At the same time, it’s detail-oriented, like long-form content.

6. Interviews

Here’s a type of online content you probably didn’t expect to be on this list. Yet interviews with customers, industry influencers, or experts in your space are a sure-fire way to make yourself an authority in your business niche.

7. eBooks

In the same way that white papers are excellent lead generation tools for B2B companies, eBooks are ideal for B2C websites. Though an eBook can be a part of your marketing strategy, keep this in mind: this type of content is not all about marketing.

Instead, an eBook is meant to provide value. This could be through educating your audience about a subject they’re unfamiliar with or by offering something for free that other companies put a high price tag on.

Here’s the one downside to eBooks, though: they aren’t cheap. You’ll have to invest considerable amounts of time and money to ensure both the writing and the images are up to par. Yet, for many businesses, the potential ROI is worth the upfront costs.

8. Videos

Today, video is the 2nd most popular type of content, with 63% of marketers saying they use video production in their digital marketing strategy.

Oh, and here’s the kicker: Live social media video (i.e., Facebook and Instagram live) is almost twice as effective as a regular video.

While Facebook live videos see an average engagement rate of 4.3%, the engagement rate for traditional videos is only 2.2%. As more people join social media and live video streaming continues to increase in popularity, you can only expect that percentage to rise.

9. Infographics

With about 65% of the world’s population being visual learners, you can target this massive group of people with highly visual infographics. Combining images with data and statistics, infographics are quickly becoming the top choice among high-earning bloggers and website owners.

These handy dandy little picture diagrams do two things for your business: Educate prospects about your products or services and explain the benefits of working with your business.

10. Memes

While memes may not be the best content for companies serving older clientele, they are an absolute must-have if you’re marketing to Millennials or Generation Z.

Generation Z consumers represent 32% of the population in 2020, and these buyers practically speak in memes. They’ll give your business a *thumbs up* if you can throw around the same vernacular. Plus, infographics easily go viral, especially those with eye-catching titles and attention-grabbing header images.

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