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Amazing Customer Service Techniques That Will Improve Your Company Reputation

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When it comes to customer service techniques, one company has it mastered when it comes to fast-food franchises. Chick-fil-a is better known for its quality service than its food. They understand that a smile and a thank you coupled with fast service can go a long way.

People want kindness and to feel appreciated for choosing a business, especially in an arena where there are plenty of options. A new business can off service that gets three or four stars out of five. If their employees go the extra-mile consumers will give them a chance to get better.

Offering great customer service out the gate will only benefit your brand in the long run. Not just in the customers that support your business but also in the quality of employees you attract.

Are you a business looking for ways to improve customer service? Keep reading for customer service tips to improve your company’s reputation.

Customer Service Techniques Begin with the Internal Customer

Who is your internal customer? It is your employees, distributors, and industry partners.

Before you can begin to work on your external customers, you’ll need to set expectations with the internal players responsible for your company’s success. Internal customers are the pulse of your business. They set the tone for every interaction with external consumers.

When employees feel good about their jobs, they become invested in the company’s success. Studies have shown that a strong company culture is valued more than higher pay.

A happy and appreciated staff will go the extra mile in providing excellent customer service to customers and industry partners.

Review the Areas Where Clients and Staff Interact

Developing a strategy to provide quality customer service requires a thorough review of current points of contact with clients or customers. Look at every point where a staff member communicates with an external entity.

This includes:

  • Who greets the customer in-person or on the phone?
  • What is the tone of emails?
  • What techniques are your salespeople using?
  • How are products being packed and shipped?
  • What are your follow-up communications?
  • How are consumers treated from entry to check-out?

As you can see this list can go on. There are so many opportunities for people doing business with your company to be touched.

Provide Customer Service Training

When employees are well-trained they have the tools to impact your business in a positive way. Once you understand everyone’s role in the customer service chain, you’ll be able to set up a training schedule.

This is not something you have to do alone. Training can be outsourced to professionals that live and breathe excellence in customer service.

Treat Customers as Part of the Team

One mistake many businesses make is looking at customers as only a source of income. Change this way of thinking immediately. Start to view customers as a part of the team. This goes a long way in humanizing them.

Too often employees don’t view the person on the other side of the counter, phone, or internet as a vital component to their job. Help employees understand the importance and value of every customer.

It doesn’t matter if someone is bringing $10 to the company or $10,000. Every interaction keeps the doors open. Every interaction is a new opportunity to make someone a repeat customer.

Utilize Social Media

Social media can be tricky. When done right, it boosts the customer’s experience and engagement. A part of your business marketing strategy probably already includes social media.

Use this tool to help build your brand and engage your current and future customers.

Platforms like Facebook offer tools that help you service consumers in a place where they spend a lot of time. If hiring a social media specialist for the role is not within the budget, give the role to employees that have exhibited exceptional communication skills.

Ways you can utilize great customer service techniques on social media include responding to questions in a timely manner. Thanking customers who tag you in positive posts about your business. Moving the conversation off social media when someone posts about a bad experience.

Provide quality engaging content in your posts and advertising. Use apps like messenger and connect it to a productivity app for fast responses.

Incorporate a Chatbot on Your Website

Your web developer or web builder plan should offer the ability to add a Chatbot app. This is the pop-up box found on many websites today. The app can be manned by an actual person or you can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to guide the user to the right answer.

Ensure there is an option for users to reach a live person if the correct answer is not provided within the second attempt.

Live chats are similar to an instant messenger. Instead of getting someone on the phone the conversation takes place through a string of messages. The tone and timeliness of the messages is key to good customer service.

Never allow innovation and technology to replace picking up the phone and calling a customer to ensure their needs are being met.

Create a Brand Advocacy Program

Brand advocacy is a sure-fire way to know how well your customer service techniques are working. It will show up in the way your employees and consumers advocate for your business.

When you see people going the extra mile to tell others how great your product or service is, reward them for the effort. This can be done by offering branded stuff or putting on an appreciation event.

Great Customer Service Doesn’t Just Happen

Using these customer service techniques along with reputation management will get your business on the road to infinite success. Now that you are well on your way to building a solid team and client base, it’s time to start building a strong content marketing plan.

We offer a complete line of products that can help you reach your target audience. Visit our services section and give us a call at (833)364-8787 to discuss how we can help you get to the next level.

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