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7 SEO for Small Business Tips



You love your small business. You serve your community well and know your customers by name.

You also know you can do better. With the right game plan, you can see your business grow even more.

Keep reading to understand how to best implement SEO for small business tips.

SEO for Small Business Tips

You might have begun to believe the myth that small businesses cannot compete with the big giants out there. With the right strategies tooled specifically for small businesses, your business can not just compete but can win.

1. Use All the Tools

When you first open your business, you need to market it. If you’re new to SEO, use all the tools you can find. In particular, look for free SEO tools.

These types of tools help bring traffic to your business quickly. They boost your ratings.

You can begin with Google since over 90 percent of internet users go to it first for searching in the United States. Basic, free tools like a Google Search Console and Google Analytics are a great place to start. Here you can quickly see how optimized your page currently is and what you need to do to get it to the top of a search list.

2. Know Your People

Understand your target audience. There are two kinds of people who will see your website: the people who happen upon it and the people you target.

Before you can optimize your page, you need to first decide who you want to reach with your page.

When someone types in specific terms and your website pops up at the top of the page, who is the person typing in the terms? What’s their gender, age, and nationality? What are their interests, their politics, or their hobbies?

Once you can target your audience, then you can begin to optimize your page. Regardless of if you’re using an SEO service or performing your SEO, you need to understand this one part of your business best.

3. Fix Technical Problems

Many factors will make your website well optimized. Number one at the list is smooth access to the website.

Nothing can mess up access more than technical problems. So take the time to fix those technical problems.

Make sure you have a website that responds quickly. People should be able to see what they need to see in seconds.

Also, make the site mobile capable. This way your audience can see your website regardless of their device.

free seo tools

4. Optimize the Site

In addition to making the site responsible and mobile-capable, you can use your keywords purposefully.

SEO of yesteryear told people to stuff their content with keywords, even if the content did not make sense.

Now you need to spread those keywords out and create good content. So consider having a different page for each keyword. Create pages with a specific keyword in mind.

Test your website to make sure every page works and you have no broken links. These little steps will help generate some good leads to your small business needs.

5. Go Long

A long-tail keyword strategy can serve you well in the small business world. Your competitors are big, and they often generate the most interest.

You can compete well by creating purposeful long-tail keywords. In particular, focus on location. Include your location in the keyword search.

For example, if a business was looking for SEO information in Orlando, you can use the keywords “SEO tips for small businesses in Orlando” or “SEO tips for Orlando small business.”

This will help bring in local business and put you at the top of the search page when locals are looking for help.

6. Keep Your Name

Once you do some research, you might wonder if a different domain name would optimize your page more. Move slowly here. Do not assume that a whole makeover will make things better.

If you’ve been around for ten years or more, keep your domain name. You most likely have some loyal customers who know you by name. Furthermore, you want that domain name to stay as close as possible to your actual business name so customers can find you quickly.

Google along with other search engines pay attention to how long a business keeps its domain name. They look at a steady domain name as a sign of a stable business. So while a marketing guru might come up with a fancy new name, keep the old one for the sake of stability and just focus on keyword usage.

7. Focus on Reputation

You can compete with big companies by focusing on what small businesses do best: customer service. You can boost your reputation in a couple of ways.

First, get involved locally. Make your name a staple with feel-good local campaigns. For example, if a local soccer team needs sponsorship, consider dropping some cash so your company logo can go on the back of every game shirt or the team website.

Use your blog as a way to promote local events before they happen. Then take time to talk about them after they happen. This connects you to your community and helps with SEO.

Big businesses cannot do this as effectively. When a big business has several locations, it cannot adequately serve local interests as effectively as a small business where the owners and operators live among the community members.

Spend time boosting your online reputation. Talk to your best customers about submitting a review on customer-review sites like YELP.

If someone gives your business a bad review, address it with respect immediately. Reviews like these will pop up high on search engines these days. You want to prove that you’re a business that cares about all customers, even the crank trolls online.

Small Businesses With Big Results

Effective SEO For small businesses means paying attention to the details much like SEO for big business. Your small business does not have to suffer because it is small. You can compete with the Goliaths out there with the right strategies.

We can manage your SEO needs. Visit our website to see a full picture of our services.

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