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11 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using in 2020



As competition intensifies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has increasingly become an important part of business and marketing. Business owners are busy optimizing their websites so that they top search results.

Some of them use expensive, high-tier SEO tools for keyword ideas, checking backlinks, and optimizing pages.

Don’t have the budget? No worries.

The market is filled with tons of free SEO tools, which makes SEO a daunting task to choose from. This especially goes for SEO beginners on a tight budget. We’ve compiled a list of 11 free SEO tools that are impressing both the beginners and the experts.

1. Google Search Console

In recent years, Google Search Console has been revamped for easier use and better user experience. This tool is meant to monitor your visibility on Google.

Google Search Console helps you find out the average rankings for your keywords and pages. This tool can also find the keywords that drive traffic to your site.

Most importantly, you can figure out whether or not your website is indexed to the Google database. Plus, you can report phishing, and file for reconsideration if your site incurs a penalty.

2. Google Analytics

A majority of digital marketers that are serious about SEO use Google Analytics. This nifty tool provides tons of useful data about websites like location demographics, sources of traffic and the number of site visits.

Digital marketers can leverage the detailed information provided by this SEO tool to modify their content strategy and learn what works and what doesn’t.

3. SeoQuake

A powerful SEMRush’s SEO add-on. SeoQuake lets you view several search engine parameters at a stroke. The tool also lets you save the results for comparison with other projects.

This tool includes buttons for a site’s SEMRush ranking, Alexa ranks, Bing index, Google index update, a link to Whois page, Facebook likes, and web archive age. SeoQuake also features a helpful diagnostics page and a cheat sheet that provides an airview of potential issues (or opportunities) affecting a particular website or page.

4. Answer the Public

Want to find over 150 keyword ideas on the fly? Most free SEO tools pull their data from Google Keyword Planner. Answer the Public doesn’t.

This SEO tool finds questions that folks ask on social media, blogs, and forums, and turns them into valued keywords. The tool also offers suggestions using prepositions like “versus,” and “with.”

5. SEMRush

Not many users know that this premium SEO tool also features a free plan. SEMRush allows you to figure out the kind of keywords any website or page is ranking for, and crank out optimized content around those phrases and terms.

This valuable tool also provides additional information about those keywords such as the URLs to which they drive traffic, their position in SERPs, and the traffic trends in the last year. This makes running effective SEO campaigns much smoother.

6. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere recently became one of the favorite free SEO tools for both intermediates and seasoned experts. And it’s not difficult to see why.

It’s compatible with Firefox and Chrome and works as an add-on. You can use it on any website to find out its competition data, CPC, and search volume. Plus, it’s compatible with other tools including UberSuggest, Answer the Public and Moz Open Site Explorer.

7. Woorank

As an SEO health check tool, Woorank allows you to monitor a site’s overall score. Woorank’s analysis tool lets you figure out how to improve your website’s off-page and on-page SEO.

This free SEO tool has a fantastic mobile section that informs users how pages perform on mobile devices, and how fast they load. It also features a social shareability pane that comes handy when using social media as a front of your digital marketing antics.

The pane provides social network data like the number of shares, comments, likes, bookmarks, and backlinks across popular social networks.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner offers one of the best ways to research keywords. This tool focuses on AdWords generation, helping you figure out a site’s traffic metrics, making it easy to plan campaigns.

This is a very common tool that small business owners can use for online growth.

9. Moz

An SEO giant that provides several useful marketing tools. The tool stands out for being always up-to-date despite Google’s frequent algorithm changes. Moz gets raves over its chat portal as users get insightful responses to all questions asked.

Free SEO tools provided by Moz include the MozBar toolbar, used to check a store’s metrics while browsing any page. Moz Link Explorer is another impressive Moz tool for monitoring any site’s link.

Link Explorer lets you analyze inbound links, find broken links, get Domain or Page Authority Scores, analyze anchor text, and see where your competition is getting their inbound links.

The tool’s Keyword Explorer provides a list of keywords, sorts the keywords by search volume, checks keyword difficulty, and analyzes SERP details.

10. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the best free keyword research tools. The tool features a user-friendly interface and displays top 100 SERPs for any clicked keyphrase/keyword. It also suggests both main and related keywords.

Enter a website’s URL to figure out which posts attract the most traffic and a site’s top keywords. Ubersuggest also filters out keywords you might not be interested in.

While Ubersuggest is useful in doing competitor keyword research, the results can be slightly off.

11. Mobile-Friendly Test

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re in big trouble. Google recently tweaked its algorithm, placing a lot of emphasis on how a website is optimized for mobile devices.

Google’s Mobile-friendly Test tool will help you figure out if your site is correctly optimized for tablets and smartphones.

One of the best features is the “page loading issues,” which shows whether Google can properly access a page’s resources. This feature also provides suggestions on how to optimize your site for mobile devices.

Looking for the Best Free SEO Tools for Your Business?

It would help if you had an SEO tool to monitor your site’s performance, and improve its ranking. Nowadays, there are many free SEO tools, and they are easy to use.

This list provides some of the best SEO tools, which, when used correctly, can produce great results. So choose one that gets the job done and make the best use of it.

For more assistance with increasing your brand awareness using an online marketing strategy, check out this article.

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