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Elysium Marketing Guru's is not just about Marketing. EMG is dedicated to helping you start, grow, and achieve your business dreams. We are serial entrepreneur's! We have grown many businesses to achieve great success. Our team has also gone into other businesses and grown them from the inside. 

Some of the industries we have helped in:

  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical 
  • Restaurant
  • Pawn Shops
  • Water Treatment

Getting to know your Digital Marketing Orlando Team

Here at Elysium Marketing Guru, we are focused on growing your business whether it be through marketing or other business aspects. Wherever we need to be to help you grow your business.  So what is Elysium Marketing Guru? We are your digital marketing Orlando based company. However, we do not just focus on marketing specifically  we discuss all aspects of Business Development.

Such as how to increase your revenues, how to increase profitability, how to build partnerships and how to forward those strategic Partnerships whether it be by TV or organizations within the Orlando area. Another one of the things we talk about and something that many people seem to forget is developing amazing employees because you see your employees are some of the most valuable assets you can have. Last but not least we go over how you can grow your customer service and gain the retention level that you need to make your business grow and be as successful as you want it to be.

So first off let's define Elysium, what is this fancy word? It's not the movie Elysium, while that movie does touch the surface of the actual definition. Elysium was defined as any place or state of perfect happiness, a paradise. That is our goal here at Elysium Marketing Guru we want to help you find your #TrueMarketingElysium. You didn't start your company to be in misery, you started your company so that way you could be happy doing what you want to do and we're here to help you do just that.

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Let's Talk About the Customers Journey

Let's take a moment and talk about meeting your customers where they are. Okay so, first of all, we've got to know the five stages of a customer's journey. Those are as follows; Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy. We will go into the details of each in a moment. Being able to define the full process of a Customers Journey will help you to better understand what phase of marketing you are in and what you need to focus on most of all. Let us look at these stages now. 

The Awareness Phase

During this stage you're not selling anything to your customer whatsoever. The clients just become aware of your company either through word-of-mouth or through advertising. There are many ways to spread awareness by joining different groups that help put your business in the public eye.

The Consideration Phase

This is when the customer has a problem or is looking for a product. So they go online and start searching for answers on how to obtain their desired product. Did you know that 81% percent of customers conduct online research before buying? So now you have the awareness where the customer saw your product at one point or another then this consideration phase where the customer is actually researching a desired product. This is where you need to show up online in those searches.

The Purchase Phase

Alright so now your customer has made a purchase from your product line. Obviously completing the purchase journey right? Wrong! There are still two more phases that we need to focus on and to us here at Elysium Marketing they are two of the most critical phases in any business. 

Retention Phase

This is after the customer has purchased a product and you are now communicating with them. Whether it is asking for testimonials, surveys, giving them a follow up phone call or sending information related to the product purchase. Whatever the case may be, your goal is to retain the customer and keep them coming to you for more great products. This is also known as brand loyalty. Which leads us into the final phase of the customer's journey.

The Advocacy Phase

It is much easier and less expensive to keep customers coming back than it is to drum up new leads. This is the final stage where the customer has gone through all the other stages and is now ready to decide whether you made a good or bad impression on them. If the customer has a good impression of you they will truly Advocate your company in a positive manner. However if you made a terrible impression they are going to definitely advocate in a bad manner for you and you do not want that to happen. 

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Stages of Business

Now that we have discussed the customer's journey let's take a quick look into the stages of business. At Elysium Marketing Gurus we break business’s down into three stages. 

Startup Stage

Just getting started and you have more time than you do money. You may be asking yourself what do you mean? We understand that times are really busy so it seems  in the Start-Up Stage, but once you get everything organized unless you are just flooded with business all the sudden most people have more time than they do money. So this is the stage where you start growing your marketing efforts. 

Did you know that two-thirds of all companies fail within the first 2 years, which is considered startup time. They fail not because they don’t know how to do what they are doing. They fail because they don’t understand business development. They spend tons of money trying to figure out marketing strategies and getting nothing in return. 

Elysium Marketing Gurus knows this so we created a coaching program to help you with this stage cause we don’t want you to fail. In this stage it is more of a Do-It-Yourself but we are going to be there to help coach you and guide you to get through that stage so you're not one of those companies that fail within the first 2 years. We will put you in a workflow and coach you just like we would one of our employees. We will sit down with you on a monthly basis and help you put together a strategy to move your business forward.

Growth Stage

During this stage you start to notice an incline in sales and mostly awareness. You will still have time to manage your marketing but may need a few tools to help you free up more time to focus on your customers. Here we will be coaching you but also offering you A-la-carte access to products that can simplify your daily tasks. These products will help you keep marketing efforts going as well as customer relations moving in the right direction.

Expanding Stage

This is the point where you have your business booming, sales are up, orders are going out the door and it's time to hire more employees. When your business hits full stride you may find yourself with little time to handle all the different aspects of marketing as well as all the content writing. No worries we can handle it for you with our managed programs. This way you can do what you love which is run your business.

I hope this gave you some insight as to what Elysium Marketing Gurus is and how we as a digital marketing Orlando company can help you. We are here to take the guessing out of your marketing efforts and make it painless for you. This way you can focus on what you love doing. #TrueMarketingElysium #BusinessElysium

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